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UFABET cracks game formulas, card game formulas, baccarat formulas for free to increase your chances. Win prizes for all lovely members. and secretly tell statistics issuing cards for you as well In which each formula will differ according to each person’s playing style and the basis of each person’s play as well.

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This formula that is about to be discussed is not only use in the Baccarat game alone. For those who have enough experience or have good game tactics, they can try to apply it to other card games such as Tiger, Dragon, Pok Deng as well.

Dragon Hunting Card Formula

This recipe is simple, nothing complicated. Just believe and watch the timing that the card will definitely come out on the side you think, that is, the card that one side wins many times in a row, which you can bet up to 8 times in a row. by placing the same amount of money in every turn And when you see that the winning card starts to come out 3 consecutive turns. Let the bet win. In order to achieve successive wins without being placed in the opposite direction. With the cards that have already won many eyes, it is strictly forbidden. That’s why we call it Dragon Hunting cards.

table tennis card formula

This formula is as simple as the first dragon hunt formula, just that. It’s not 3 consecutive eyes like that, but it’s the result that has alternated in 3 eyes. And then can bet on the 4th eye, which must be placed alternately until the formula is broken. Which until the formula breaks, we have already made a considerable amount of profit.

compound bet formula

Very suitable for people with a lot of capital and want to get rich quickly which if you have enough capital There will be no loss at all, 100% profit because it is a continuous bet until winning, for example, the first eye bet 100, if lost, increase the next eye to 200, continue to bet until winning and then go back to start betting 100 again, which This kind of betting is more suitable for people who have a lot of capital. because it is considered a risky formula But if you can get it, it’s a heavy profit, more than 100%.