How to play slots for money using betting formulas

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Once you know how to play basic slots. Let’s look at the steps of using slots betting formulas. To increase the chances for people. Who have played slots for some time or play slots and have never made a lot of money. It can be apply to play. To make better profits from playing slots. สมัคร UFABET

How to play slots to get money Type 1: divide the bet

This method uses the subdivided stakes. which is a betting plan. In which the 1st time bets an amount of 5% from the total amount of money you want to play When winning bets up to 100 baht, increase the amount of bets next time.

The next time after winning a bet of 100 baht, increase the amount played to 10% and when winning a bet of 200 baht, increase the amount played to 15% by doing this and so on. until satisfied with winning the bet 

For example, having a capital of 100 baht, placing the first bet of 5 baht, keep pressing until you win a bet of 100 baht Next time, increase the bet amount to 10 baht and press until you win the bet amount to 200 baht and increase the bet amount to 15% next time by increasing the bet amount and playing continuously. until satisfied with winning the bet

How to Play Slots for Money Type 2: Spin Slots 400 Times

Playing slots usually takes quite a long time to play. to win prizes But in spinning the slot up to 400 times, in fact, it may not even have to reach 400 because it may require too much additional money. It may be reduced to a number of 100. It can do the same. by pressing the spin button and then pressing stop To help reduce the time to rotate less. Then the machine will release prizes faster.

How to play slots to get money 3: minimum bet 4 times

For this formula, betting rounds 1-4 are used at a low rate. And when it comes to round 5, it increases the amount of money. because in later times The chances of winning slots may be higher. The advantage of this formula is that it does not require much capital. Can be apply by yourself according to the desired amount

such as

  • 1st bet = 1.5 baht
  • Second bet = 1.5 baht
  • 3rd bet = 7.5 baht
  • Bet in the 4th time = 7.5 baht
  • and next time Make a bet of 30 baht per time.